Flexibility Specialist- NASM .5 and NFPT .5


Date: May 4, 2024
Participants: 10 Participants is the maximum


Course Overview

This seminar will go over various stretching methods and teach the attendees how and when to apply them. Students must complete the online stretching course, Principles of Stretching. It will explain the pros and cons of each method. Students will spend the majority of the course performing stretches on each other and themselves.

Course Objectives

– The different types of stretching, and the various movements for each body   part.

-To provide attendees with detailed understanding of how to perform facilitated stretching incorporating breathing techniques on their clients. Attendees will also learn why it its so important to have a full range of motion, but also the affects of overstretching.

-This seminar will cover detailed techniques on how to perform facilitated stretches with clients for each muscle group. 

-To provide attendees with the knowledge of various methods of stretching, and the times they should be performed.

– Why static stretching has negative muscular effects pre-workout or before playing a sport.

Lesson Plan

Facilitated Stretching Techniques

-Attendees will be given a handout that includes the pictures and detailed description of these stretches.

Attendees will

Need to correctly demonstrate stretches on each other.

Correctly cue any breathing techniques.

Explain and show where each barrier is

Demonstrate how to hold each body part being stretched. Applying force where needed and supporting the joints correctly.

Identify signs of over stretching

Dynamic Stretching

– Attendees will learn, demonstrate and explain the proper way dynamic stretches should be performed. 

– Attendees will be shown by the instructor the various methods of dynamic stretches and which muscle group they have effect on.

-Attendees will demonstrate each stretch and explain how to do it

-Attendees will be given a handout that includes the pictures and detailed descriptions.

There will be a pass/fail practical at the end of the class.

Course value