NFPT Home Study Personal Trainer Certification



Course Overview

The objectives for this online course are to prepare students for the NFPT exam. This course will explain the fundamental principles needed to be a successful personal trainer. Our goal is to give objective and truthful information based on science and our team’s experience. This online course will give you the tools and information necessary to design programs for your clients. Students will watch a video outline of the course and a practical video to see how to administer an evaluation and design programs based on the needs of the client.

Course Objectives

-To provide the students with a general understanding of anatomy.

-To educate students on program design.

-Learn about the energy systems

-To provide the students with guidelines on progressing clients safely through their routines.

-Explain basic biology.

-Learn the importance of health screenings and how to perform them.


-To provide students with the general knowledge they need to be successful.

Lesson Plan

– Students will download and read the personal training manual.

– Students will download and watch the online study videos.

– Students will print out the power point course outline.


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