Fundamentals of Training Special Needs Children and Adults – .5 NFPT



Course Overview

The objectives for this online course are to provide students with a general understanding of how to work with children and adults with special need while introducing experienced trainers to a population that is truly underserviced. Trainers will learn basic evaluation strategies and vital communication techniques as well as how to design and modify fitness programs for clients of all abilities. This course will give you the knowledge necessary to begin your journey.

Course Objectives

• Teach trainers how to design programs and modify exercises

• Create a framework for trainers to build their education on

• Educate trainers on the basics of the most common diagnoses and challenges you may encounter as well as how to remedy them

• Provide the students with guidelines on progressing clients safely while keeping it fun

• Explain how exercise benefits this population

Lesson Plan

• Students will read the article explaining the benefits of exercise

• Students will download and watch the video course

• Students will download and watch the exercise videos to review all the modification techniques

• Students will login to Fit and Functional web site and take a 30-question multiple choice exam


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