Special Needs Gym

Are You Searching for a Special Needs Gym in Palm Beach, FL?

Going to a gym is a great way to burn off excess energy, get the blood pumping and improve your motor skills. Everyone can benefit from going to the gym, and a special needs gym can offer the same benefits and even more. At a special needs gym, you will be working with certified personal trainers who can provide the perfect workout based on your unique needs. Not only that, but they can provide a healthy atmosphere where you can achieve your fitness goals. Also, when you go to a special needs gym, you become a part of a community.

​If you are looking for a special needs gym around Palm Beach, come to Fit and Functional Florida. Here at Fit and Functional Florida, we are partnered with Fit 4 All Abilities, which is a program designed for the special needs population. This program was founded by Charles DeFrancesco for his autistic son. At our special needs gym, we offer one on one and group training. Contact us to learn more.