Intro to Sales & Marketing



Course Overview

This course will teach trainers how to better market their services and build a solid business. Trainers will be given simple strategies, scripts and email templates to guide them to the top of the sales L.A.D.D.E.R. Our L.A.D.D.E.R method is a simple progressive way to attract quality clients and keep them. This course will teach trainers how to use their expertise to educate their potential clients rather than hard sell them. This course is not just for the trainer working at a gym but will show the entrepreneur how to build and organize their business as well. This introductory course will give the student a solid foundation to build from and simple techniques that can be applied immediately.

Course Objectives

– Give trainers the information they need to build their client base.

– Teach simple methods on generating, selling and qualifying leads.

– Teach trainers how to educate their clients into buying rather than hard sales.

– How to increase closing rates and retain the clients you already have.

– Understand the difference between advertising and marketing.

– Give trainers the tools necessary to impress their employer and demonstrate their value.

– Give trainers templates to follow when communicating with clients.

Lesson Plan

– Attendees will read an online presentation.

– Trainers will read an article on how to evaluate a personal trainer.

– The course will have a sample contract for students to see.

– Trainers must practice the scenarios and role play with colleagues.

– There will be a 40 question multiple choice quiz. You must receive a grade of 75% or greater to pass.


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