Jennifer 35 Working Mom

Based on Jennifer’s lifestyle and evaluation results we need to get as much out of her gym time as possible. The first thing I did was educate her on how important it is to take care of herself because if she breaks down the world is over for the people around her. This circuit program would be 1 hour 2 days per week for 4 weeks. Monday and Thursday would be this routine and Tuesday and Friday would be walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes. As she progresses the exercises will stay the same, but we will shorten rest periods and increase reps. Each line on the page is a set. For example, page one has cat/camel, quadruped cross crawl and glute bridge. The bridge is the last exercise in the circuit so the client rests. Rest is adjusted based on the client’s fitness level. After she masters these exercises and develops a base then we can redesign and progress the workout. The circuits are designed to keep her either standing or on the floor. We do not want to get up and down because this can cause an issue with blood pressure. The exercises are based on the movement evaluation and are focused on correcting the dysfunction created by her every day activity. For example, sitting for so long will create tight pecs, traps and hip flexors. Rows, retraction and the thoracic foam roller exercise help correct these issues. The hip flexors are corrected by strengthening the glutes and mobilizing the hips. Her kids can easily follow the same routine at home with simple equipment. The bands, balls and foam rollers will add up to about $100. Any cable exercise can be replaced with a band and a simple door anchor. Since finances are limited she can join a cheap gym and pay a trainer for two 30 min sessions to just learn the basics and what she needs. Most cheaper gyms only charge $30 for a 30 min session. Worst case there are videos online to teach her the prescribed exercises.